PMP manufacture precision parts for
durable industrial and mechanical products

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OEMs that produce industrial products look to PMP for experience and knowledge in design support and producing plastic injection moulded parts.

Their final engineering application may apply to military, aerospace, construction, marine, agriculture, or utilities. But regardless of sector, they all benefit from our expertise in improving the mechanical function of parts and reducing the cost of production.

If you’re looking for metal replacement, or rubber replacement parts, we can recommend the right plastic materials for your desired application.

There won’t be any compromise in performance or durability. We can even create a prototype for testing before moving to the final production stage.

Examples of moulded mechanical products / parts: gear wheels, seals and gaskets, pumps, filtration systems, cooling fixtures, adapters, bobbins, relays, industrial battery caps, petro-chemical fittings.

"Having worked with Precision Moulded Products many times and been very happy with their service, PMP were a natural selection for my next project."

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