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PMP is well placed to support various custom
or bespoke automotive applications with precision moulded parts

PMP’s expertise in using engineering grade resins and our ISO 9001 certified facility make us a clear choice for many custom automotive part suppliers, both OEM and aftermarket solutions.

Whether you are developing new components from scratch or re-engineering existing parts to increase their performance, PMP will work in partnership with you to achieve a quality end product.

We will recommend the most efficient method of production to achieve your desired result.

If required, our partner company Photofabrication can assist with the creation of intricately shaped metal components to compliment the overmoulding or injection moulding process.

Examples of moulded custom automotive products / parts: Electronic Ignition timing devices, reflectors and lenses, track wiper covers filler caps with threads.


Smaller, lighter, faster, stronger… the requirements
of the electronics market are constantly evolving. 

Moulded plastic is increasingly being used in the electronic and electrical markets. Constant innovation and rapid product cycles typify this market. Every gadget, computer, printer, camera devices requires plastic housings, lighting housings and cases, light fittings and switches, circuit board mountings and wiring to function.

PMP has expertise in creating all manner of electronics components, and specialises in custom plastic injection moulding of the small parts required by the electronics industry.

From domestic consumer items through to industrial enclosures and precision connectors, PMP supports electronics customers from initial product design through to consistent and efficient production.

PMP has both UK wide and international capabilities but our regional location in East Anglia (close to Stansted Airport) means that we are particularly well placed to support the high tech companies based around Cambridge.

Examples of moulded electronics products / parts: inkjet printer components, LED housing assembly, electrical housings, relays, motors, switches, connectors, headers, coils, security cameras, measuring instruments, lighting controls, light switching, moisture sensing housings, temperature control devices.


PMP can engineer and manufacture a low cost
moulded solution for your instrument or device.

If your organisation develops controls or devices used in the electrical, water, oil, gas, heating, cooling and automation industries, you’ll know the importance of using reliable components in their construction.

PMP produces insert moulded components for many different instrumentation applications including sophisticated controls, sensors, valves, pumps, power distribution and automation systems.

Often metal housings and components can be converted to plastic using insert moulding technologies. Insert moulding is a process that improves quality, durability and cost by combining stampings, bushings, fasteners within the moulded component, filtration materials and other parts into a single component.

In addition to advanced engineering, we provide a wide range of support services that include conceptual design support, materials selection support, rapid prototyping, validation testing, high/ low volume manufacturing and supply chain management.

Examples of moulded instrument products / parts: thermometers, moisture meters, , gas sensing measuring devices, , dust particle analysers, air / gas flow meters, humidity testers,  Remote control boxes, lighting and dimmer control , temperature control

Life Safety

Life Safety products require plastics that are durable,
strong and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

PMP understands the unique needs of Life Safety Products. We know that producers often require innovative solutions. They often seek to reduce the weight and size of their components to optimize performance. But they still need to maintain strength and durability.

We are used to delivering high quality, technical and robust components as used within the life safety and gas sensing market. Our engineers have superior knowledge of thermoplastics and expertise in life safety and gas sensing product design support. Using these skills our factory can produce life safety plastic products that:

  • Reduce component weight while improving strength and durability
  • Increase ‘weatherability’ of life safety plastic parts
  • Allow for expansion and contraction of plastics used so parts do not degrade in extreme temperatures.
  • Ensure consistent high quality and reliable mould tools. ‘Repeatability’ is a key factor in our high-quality injection moulded components.

Examples of plastic moulded products / parts: eye-wear,  alarm lenses and controls, gas detection units, gas sensors, temperature controllers, various instruments.


‘Ultra-Reliability’ in custom medical components for bespoke OEM applications

PMP’s technical and engineering knowledge ensure that we meet the demanding specifications of various bespoke and custom medical applications. Next to ‘ultra-reliability’, we understand that quality, durability and affordability are also key factors when developing such products.

PMP has both UK wide and international capabilities but our regional location in East Anglia (close to Stansted Airport) means that we are particularly well placed to support the medical companies based around Cambridge.

If required, our partner company Photofabrication can assist with the creation of intricately shaped metal components to compliment the overmoulding or injection moulding process. Examples of moulded bespoke medical products / parts: heart monitor unit casings, dental syringes, pump assemblies for beds,  testing components, pump components, lenses.


PMP manufacture precision parts for durable industrial and mechanical products

OEMs that produce industrial products look to PMP for experience and knowledge in  design support and producing plastic injection moulded parts. Their final engineering application may apply to military, aerospace, construction, marine, agriculture, or utilities. But regardless of sector, they all benefit from our expertise in improving the mechanical function of parts and reducing the cost of production.

If you’re looking for metal replacement, or rubber replacement parts, we can recommend the right plastic materials for your desired application. There won’t be any compromise in performance or durability. We can even create a prototype for testing before moving to the final production stage.

Examples of moulded mechanical products / parts: gear wheels, seals and gaskets, pumps, filtration systems, cooling fixtures, adapters, bobbins, relays, industrial battery caps, petro-chemical fittings.

PMP are ideally based in Essex to serve Essex and the surrounding counties of Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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