‘Ultra-Reliability’ in custom medical components for bespoke OEM applications

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Project Management

PMP’s technical and engineering knowledge ensure that we meet the demanding specifications of various bespoke and custom medical applications.

Next to ‘ultra-reliability’, we understand that quality, durability and affordability are also key factors when developing such plastic moulded products within the medical sector.

PMP has both UK wide and international capabilities but our regional location in East Anglia (close to Stansted Airport) means that we are particularly well placed to support the medical companies based around Cambridge.

If required, our partner company Photofabrication can assist with the creation of intricately shaped metal components to compliment the overmoulding or injection moulding process. Examples of moulded bespoke medical products / parts: heart monitor unit casings, dental syringes, pump assemblies for beds,  testing components, pump components, lenses.

"We have worked with Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd as a project partner on a number of important, high profile projects with tight timescales. Throughout all stages of the project, design support, tooling manufacture and production, PMP’s approach to the task at hand was always thorough and highly professional. I can strongly recommend this company to businesses looking for a partner where developing and integrating high quality technical injection moulded components is a requirement."

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