Smaller, lighter, faster, stronger… the requirements of the electronics market are constantly evolving.

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Moulded plastic is increasingly being used in the electronic and electrical markets.

Constant innovation and rapid product cycles typify the electronic and electrical plastic injection moulding market. Every gadget, computer, printer, camera devices requires plastic housings, lighting housings and cases, light fittings and switches, circuit board mountings and wiring to function.

PMP has expertise in creating all manner of electronics components, and specialises in custom plastic injection moulding of the small parts required by the electronics industry.

From domestic consumer items through to industrial enclosures and precision connectors, PMP supports electronics customers from initial product design through to consistent and efficient production.

PMP has both UK wide and international capabilities but our regional location in East Anglia (close to Stansted Airport) means that we are particularly well placed to support the high tech companies based around Cambridge.

Examples of moulded electronics products / parts: inkjet printer components, LED housing assembly, electrical housings, relays, motors, switches, connectors, headers, coils, security cameras, measuring instruments, lighting controls, light switching, moisture sensing housings, temperature control devices.

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