Tool Making

Superior parts come from superior tooling. We understand the importance of tooling in the manufacturing process.

Tool Making



Project Management

Our in-house toolroom is fully equipped to manufacture, repair and maintain a full range of tools.

We have also developed close links and strong partnerships with other local UK tool making companies to support us when the demand arises.

PMP offer various tooling options with different levels of capability. From prototype, through to short pre-production runs, all the way to full production quantities.

We can provide you with:

  • Low volume: Soft tooling for a few thousand cycles
  • Medium volume: P20 (pre toughened) tooling
  • Higher volume: Fully hardened tooling in various guises

When the cost of several mould tools becomes prohibitive, PMP can offer ‘Family Tools’ that produce more than just one component design. We can also offer very cost effective tooling solutions by way of using our own existing bolsters, leaving only the cost of design and manufacture of the working core and cavity kits which can be designed and manufactured to fit into the bolster’s.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we are able to reliably source certain tools from the Far East. This gives customers the potential to further drive down costs without comprising quality and delivery times.  Every project is handled by local PMP staff, who oversee every step of the tool making process. We have trusted engineers on-site to monitor production and report back on a daily or weekly basis.

"Since 2003 Dunkermotoren Linear Systems Limited have been working with the team at Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd. We have consistently received the highest standard of work from them and they have become a valued, key supplier to us. Furthermore, their supportive and versatile management of all aspects of their business is always evident, pro-actively seeking continual improvements to our products. We hope and expect to continue this working relationship for many years to come."

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