Life Safety

Life Safety products require plastics that are durable, strong and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

Tool Making



Project Management

PMP understands the unique needs of Life Safety Products.

We know that producers often require innovative solutions. They often seek to reduce the weight and size of their components to optimize performance. But they still need to maintain strength and durability.

We are used to delivering high quality, technical and robust components as used within the life safety and gas sensing market. Our engineers have superior knowledge of thermoplastics and expertise in life safety and gas sensing product design support. Using these skills our factory can produce life safety plastic products that:

  • Reduce component weight while improving strength and durability
  • Increase ‘weatherability’ of life safety plastic parts
  • Allow for expansion and contraction of plastics used so parts do not degrade in extreme temperatures.
  • Ensure consistent high quality and reliable mould tools. ‘Repeatability’ is a key factor in our high-quality injection moulded components.

Examples of plastic moulded products / parts: eye-wear,  alarm lenses and controls, gas detection units, gas sensors, temperature controllers, various instruments.

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