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Insert moulding can be a highly efficient
alternative to the assembly of discrete parts

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The assembly of discrete parts through soldering, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives is labour-intensive and costly. Insert moulding can be a better solution.

PMP are plastic insert injection moulding specialists.  The process generally involves inserting a metal (or other material) component into the mould tool and then overmoulding with plastic. A strong mechanical bond is then created between the metal insert and the over moulded plastic.

Insert moulding offers many other benefits:

  • Lower Costs: As multiple parts are joined together during the manufacturing process, labour costs and assembly time are greatly reduced
  • Greater Durability And Consistency: Plastic resins hold parts more securely than soldering, connectors or adhesives. You will also avoid assembly problems like improper alignment.  Plastic also offers better buffering against vibration and shocks
  • Lighter Components: Metal connectors add weight. With plastic insert moulding the weight and size of components is greatly reduced because parts are joined with strong but lightweight plastic resin
  • More Design Choices: With few restrictions on design or material combinations, we can produce highly customised assemblies, ensuring components meet your exact requirements

If required, our partner company Photofabrication can assist with the creation of intricately shaped metal components.

Low and medium volume insert moulding: PMP uses both Manumould injection moulding machines and semi-automatic or fully automatic injection moulding machines for the manual loading of insert pieces. The Manumoulding Process involves a hand operated machine highly suitable for low volume insert moulding work. It has the considerable advantage of low cost tooling. For medium volume insert moulding, our Boy plastic injection moulding machines are ideal. Plastic inserts are hand loaded and when the guard is closed the automatic moulding process begins. This allows all the control associated with sophisticated moulding equipment while retaining the flexibility of medium volume production. Additionally our engineering team will often develop bespoke insert carriers to help speed up the loading of inserts into mould tools.

High Volume Insert Moulding:  PMP can offer two alternatives to suit your high volume requirements. We can either resource in-house (including both tool design support, and manufacture) or alternatively we can help to source a production partner in the Far East. For example, PMP has close ties with several high quality factories in China. We employ engineers based in China to project manage and oversee all operations.

PMP are ideally based in Essex to serve Essex and the surrounding counties of Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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