PMP can engineer and manufacture a low cost moulded solution for your instrument or device.

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If your organisation develops controls or devices used in the electrical, water, oil, gas, heating, cooling and automation industries, you’ll know the importance of using reliable components in their construction.

PMP produces insert moulded components for many different instrumentation applications including sophisticated controls, sensors, valves, pumps, power distribution and automation systems.

Often metal housings and components can be converted to plastic using insert moulding technologies. Insert moulding is a process that improves quality, durability and cost by combining stampings, bushings, fasteners within the moulded component, filtration materials and other parts into a single component.

In addition to advanced engineering, we provide a wide range of support services that include conceptual design support, materials selection support, rapid prototyping, validation testing, high/ low volume manufacturing and supply chain management.

Examples of moulded instrument products / parts: thermometers, moisture meters, , gas sensing measuring devices, , dust particle analysers, air / gas flow meters, humidity testers,  Remote control boxes, lighting and dimmer control , temperature control

"We have worked with Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd as a project partner on a number of important, high profile projects with tight timescales. Throughout all stages of the project, design support, tooling manufacture and production, PMP’s approach to the task at hand was always thorough and highly professional. I can strongly recommend this company to businesses looking for a partner where developing and integrating high quality technical injection moulded components is a requirement."

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