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PMP has a total quality management philosophy based on three core elements: Systems, People and Customer Service.

1   Quality Systems: PMP routinely produce moulded plastic parts with demanding quality control requirements. Our quality management system is ISO9001:2008 certified. We can provide the quality documentation you need, from material certifications to capability studies.

  • We ensure production control with a strict Bill of Material’s system. Before the manufacture of every new component, a ‘Bill’ must be created. This carries job details including a detailed Method Sheet, technical drawings and the raw materials required. All of which are held within our IQMS ERP management system. The Method Sheet then acts as the ‘traveller’ to ensure not only that the product is made to specification but that production details are recorded for future analysis or improvements. This is a continuous improvement system which benefits customers by lowering costs and improving quality
  • We ensure strict control on polymer supply with ‘goods inward’ inspections. We monitor usage throughout the entire process for complete traceability. Everything is recorded through our IQMS ERP management system.
  • Our scheduled maintenance programme ensures equipment is running at optimum performance
  • We have invested in the latest non-contact optical measurement technology to assist with in-process measurement. Our TESA Visio system provides detailed  reports and analysis
    View our ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

2   Quality People: However sophisticated the quality system, PMP recognises that good service and quality products come from trained and dedicated staff. We invest in training staff and ensure they are highly motivated to meet the customers’ requirements. Each operative is empowered to be responsible for their own quality and feeds back ideas for continuous improvement.

The expertise, knowledge and commitment of our staff is vital to the quality of each finished product.

3   Quality Customer Service: PMP’s customer service team is dedicated to ensuring you get a first class product delivered exactly when you need it. We are focussed on delivering:

  • Fast quoting and order processing
  • Highly responsive order management
  • Efficient logistics and on-time delivery
  • Goods and materials traceability
  • A first class customer experience
"Since 2003 Dunkermotoren Linear Systems Limited have been working with the team at Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd. We have consistently received the highest standard of work from them and they have become a valued, key supplier to us. Furthermore, their supportive and versatile management of all aspects of their business is always evident, pro-actively seeking continual improvements to our products. We hope and expect to continue this working relationship for many years to come."

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