Our Team

We have a fantastic team with many years of combined experience.

Tool Making



Project Management

Senior Management

Wayne Baldwin
Managing Director

Matthew Hart
Engineering Manager

Simon Lane

PMP Core Team

Matthew Hart – Engineering Manager
Tony Lynch – Quality Engineer
Bob Shrosbree – Tooling Engineer
Victoria Clark – Production Engineer
Keith Mayo – Cell Supervisor
Tony Tarry – Cell Supervisor
Lee Charles – Assistant Setter
Marc Parsons – Cell Assistant
Daryl Clark – Quality Controller
Sonia Newstead – Quality & Production Coordinator

Clair Netley – Production Controller
Karen Armstrong – General Administrator
Gill Walsh – Accounts Administration
Ionela Alb – Production Operative
Sylwia Domagala – Production Operative
Amanda Hiskey – Production Operative
Lene Rider – Production Operative
Whisley Dell’ovo – Factory support Assistant
Steve Morgan – Health & Safety Advisor
Mike Pineo – Assistant Environmental/Quality Representative & Projects

"We have worked with Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd as a project partner on a number of important, high profile projects with tight timescales. Throughout all stages of the project, design support, tooling manufacture and production, PMP’s approach to the task at hand was always thorough and highly professional. I can strongly recommend this company to businesses looking for a partner where developing and integrating high quality technical injection moulded components is a requirement."

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