Our Team

We have a fantastic team with many years of combined experience.

Tool Making



Project Management

Senior Management

Wayne Baldwin
Managing Director

Mike Knower
Technical Manager

Simon Lane

PMP Core Team

Tony Lynch – Quality Engineer
Bob Shrosbree – Tooling Engineer
Victoria Clark – Production Engineer
Keith Mayo – Cell Supervisor
Tony Tarry – Cell Supervisor
Lee Charles – Assistant Setter
Marc Parsons – Cell Assistant
Sonia Newstead – Quality & Production Coordinator

Daryl Clark – Quality Controller
Clair Netley – Customer Service Coordinator
Gill Walsh – Accounts Administration
Ionela Alb – Production Operative
Kasorn Sanwandee – Production Operative
Amanda Hiskey – Production Operative
Bob Clarke – Health & Safety Advisor
Mike Pineo – Assistant Environmental/Quality Representative & Projects

"I have found that over the years the team at PMP have an excellent understanding of our needs as a business, and a technical knowledge which is second to none, exactly what we require as an advanced technology company. "

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