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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by low volume technical parts?
Precision Moulded Products can run as few as 100 technical mouldings on a Manumould due to the quick set-up time.

What do you mean by low cost tooling?
PMP reduces costs by taking a holistic approach, covering component design, moulding process selection, tool design and tool procurement.

What is tooling manufacturing lead times?
The normal lead times for the manufacturing of tooling are around 6 weeks. However, a rapid service is available for urgently required components. PMP keep a tight control of the manufacturing process by designing the tool in-house and if appropriate manufacturing in-house as well. We also use other approved tool-makers both in the UK and overseas.

What materials can you process?
PMP process many polymers and special high specification materials to meet rigorous performance criteria. Many materials and colours are available from stock.

What format of CAD data can you take in and handle?
We work to the latest CAD packages and can use most formats.

Can you design components and tools in 3D?
Yes, we will either work from your 3D model or develop a ‘thumb nail’ sketch into a workable design for your end component requirements.

Is it possible to convert my metal component into plastic?
PMP have done this numerous times making considerable cost savings for our customers. In addition, our Project Management Team will check the lowest cost method of manufacture by using the facilities of the Group.

Can you help us with product/component design?
Yes, our design engineers will work with you to develop your component ideas. Send us your drawings today and will we contact you directly and make our recommendations. Our team will advise you on your component and tool design, therefore limiting the compromise between the two functions.

Can you make a rapid prototype/ SLA pattern for us?
PMP can take a 3D model and produce a rapid prototype, which can then be developed and modified as required.

Will you carry stock for us?
PMP are always willing to manufacture and hold components in stock against forward order, which can be delivered on a Kanban basis if required. We are also used to Just-in-Time delivery demands.

Do you have a quality assurance programme?
PMP is a registered company under the ISO 9001:2000 programme.

What is the largest and smallest size of part that can be moulded?
We can produce components that have a shot weight of less than a gram up to 150g.

Can you mould two plastics in one component?
No problem! Normally this carried out in 2 separate moulding operations often using the overmoulding process.

What can be over-moulded?
We can overmould a variety of materials and components. You may require a two colour component with hard and soft plastic or have a metal insert or electrical cable.

What do you mean by Manumould?
Manumould is a very unusual injection moulding process using very low cost tooling to produce a small batch of components.

"Since 2003 Dunkermotoren Linear Systems Limited have been working with the team at Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd. We have consistently received the highest standard of work from them and they have become a valued, key supplier to us. Furthermore, their supportive and versatile management of all aspects of their business is always evident, pro-actively seeking continual improvements to our products. We hope and expect to continue this working relationship for many years to come."

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